The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Property in Cyprus

Buying a property in Cyprus can be both an exciting and daunting experience all at once. It is important to prepare well for the road ahead, to avoid getting overwhelmed or stressed in the process. Many factors should be taken into consideration before deciding where your hard earned cash will go, and it can get […]

Why People Should Choose to Buy Properties in Cyprus

Want to find a house or want to find a suitable place for real estate investment in the Mediterranean area? Cyprus has everything that a home seeker wants in a place where he intends to settle down. It offers a serene lifestyle under the sun and provides some of the best facilities to its people. […]

COVID19: Elderly deaths a concern as Cyprus opts for stricter measures

Two elderly people died from COVID-19 on Wednesday, one of whom at 98 is the oldest in the coronavirus death toll in Cyprus, with the government deciding to impose stricter measures up until New Year’s eve as the situation remains out of control. At the same time, 116 patients are being treated in state hospitals, […]

Five basic criteria for choosing a holiday home

The general consensus is that this year’s tourism season is very different to those of previous years, as the Covid-19 pandemic and enforcement of stricter health and protection measures have completely changed the state of affairs when it comes to movement and travel. In light of these developments, citizens are seeking destinations that guarantee quality, […]

Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Programme application procedure is a secure, clean and transparent process. Cyprus has long being considered as an international business hub presenting a number of business advantages to investors, and the safety and high standards of living of our island set up a fruitful ground for relocating and permanent living. Investment Requirements Invest […]

Larnaca port & marina project gets green light

Cabinet on Friday gave the green light for the signing of the contract for the redevelopment of Larnaca port and marina, a project estimated at €1,2 billion, the island’s largest infrastructure project of its kind. The project covers the restructuring of Larnaca marina for 650 berths, the port and surrounding land development over an area […]

Registration of motor vehicles down 17.1% in eleven months of 2020

Total registrations of motor vehicles decreased by 17.1% to 36,079 in January-November 2020, from 43,530 in January-November 2019, according to Statistical Service’s report “Registration of Motor Vehicles” for the period January-November 2020. Passenger saloon cars decreased to 28,257 from 35,136 in January-November 2019, recording a fall of 19.6%. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 9,566 […]

The Cypriot Economy

The Cypriot Economy One of the most important things to analyze when considering starting a life in a foreign country is the economy of the country. A clear, close to reality outlook will also give you new ideas of how to live there and what to add to your career according to the country’s growing sectors. The […]

Welcome to the Vaccine Economy

We are, without question, entering still another new normal: The Vaccine Economy: “The priority question for the global economy is how quickly people will be given an effective vaccine against Covid-19, reducing the need for job and business-destroying lockdowns,” a research note by Goldman Sachs economists Jan Hatzius and Daan Struyven commented. For Cyprus, it will take at least […]