Registering a company in the Republic of Cyprus

Nominee services
Our Law Firm offers a multitude of nominee services from which our clients may select. These nominee services are considered as a form of ‘trust’ which is recognised in Common Law jurisdictions such as the Republic of Cyprus. These services include:

  • Nominee Secretary/ies

  • Nominee Director/s

  • Nominee Shareholder/s

  • Registered address of the office


Why chose Cyprus

  • Advantageous tax regime with some of the lowest rates in the EU and a large array of exemptions.

  • High income economy with great economic prospects both at present and in the future.

  • Highly qualified and multilingual labour force.

  • Ability to purchase unlimited property through the company.

  • Member of the EU since 2004 and the Eurozone since 2008 enjoying all the privileges that follow such membership.

  • Stable and tested legal and tax system.

  • Extensive network of favourable Double Tax Treaties.

  • No withholding of tax on payment of dividends, interests and royalties.

  • Tax exemption on profits of international business branches if their management and control is outside Cyprus.

  • No taxation of capital gains except on sale of immovable property situated in Cyprus.

  • Residence and work permits for foreign employees and their families can be readily obtained if they maintain an office in Cyprus.

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