The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Property in Cyprus

Buying a property in Cyprus can be both an exciting and daunting experience all at once. It is important to prepare well for the road ahead, to avoid getting overwhelmed or stressed in the process. Many factors should be taken into consideration before deciding where your hard earned cash will go, and it can get all too confusing if you are not aware of the local laws and regulations. Unfortunately many unprepared investors make mistakes when buying property on the

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Why People Should Choose to Buy Properties in Cyprus

Want to find a house or want to find a suitable place for real estate investment in the Mediterranean area? Cyprus has everything that a home seeker wants in a place where he intends to settle down. It offers a serene lifestyle under the sun and provides some of the best facilities to its people. It is not wrong to say that it is a favorite spot for people who are looking for that extra something in life. More and

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COVID19: Elderly deaths a concern as Cyprus opts for stricter measures

Two elderly people died from COVID-19 on Wednesday, one of whom at 98 is the oldest in the coronavirus death toll in Cyprus, with the government deciding to impose stricter measures up until New Year’s eve as the situation remains out of control. At the same time, 116 patients are being treated in state hospitals, of whom 23 are critical, stretching the capabilities to the limit, as recent clusters mainly in elderly care homes has raised alarm among health officials.

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Five basic criteria for choosing a holiday home

The general consensus is that this year’s tourism season is very different to those of previous years, as the Covid-19 pandemic and enforcement of stricter health and protection measures have completely changed the state of affairs when it comes to movement and travel. In light of these developments, citizens are seeking destinations that guarantee quality, safety and excellent sanitary conditions. At the same time, by upholding its comparative advantages, Cyprus continues to be an attractive and safe holiday destination, for

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